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Thanks for visiting my website...Mr. Wright Online!! I have designed this site with my students, their parents, and other teachers in mind and I hope you will find it helpful. 
    Students, as you can see above, it is very simple to navigate to your area of interest. All of the pages and subpages contain outlines, links, videos, games and other assorted informational items that are useful, educational and fun. It really doesn't matter whether you are looking to play an interesting educational game, research a relevant topic or get some extra work in a particular subject...this website can help. You will want to take note of the
CanvasEdmodo, and Google Docs links below which we will use consistently this year.
    Parents, there is a special section for you and I hope you will spend a little time getting to know what resources are available there. I've just recently added a "Parenting Issues" page that is full of links to recent parenting articles, relevant parenting book recommendations, and other interesting information concerning everything from helping your child to become more "creative" to issues regarding college preparation. I'll be adding more to this page as the year moves along. Let me know if I can answer any questions or help you in any way regarding information in that section or anywhere else on the site. 
    Teacher colleagues, I've also recently added a "Teacher" tab. This is in response to educators who have often asked me what resources I use to follow current issues regarding our profession such as education funding, curriculum issues, technology integration, classroom strategies, school closing debates, teacher unions, charter schools, education reform movements, etc. Hopefully, the information in this section will be helpful to those looking to become more knowledgeable about these professional issues.

    Thanks again for visiting Mr. Wright Online!!

Contact me...
        Jeff Wright
        Larson Elementary
        2620 Avenue K
        Grand Prairie, TX  75050

        School Phone: 682-867-0000
        Email: jwright2@aisd.net

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