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Basic Biographical Essay Outline



I.                   Early Life (1st Paragraph)

a.       Birthplace and date of birth

b.      Family background and childhood

c.       Schools, colleges, and early young adult experiences


II.                Adult Life (2nd paragraph)

a.       Marriage, children, personal life, etc.

b.      Adult experiences (exploring, military, government, science, etc.)

c.       Important accomplishments…why is he/she famous?


III.             Conclusion (3rd paragraph)

a.       Make your conclusions about the importance or significance of their life. Give your opinions based on what you learned during your research.

b.      Did they make the world a better place…or maybe a worse place?

c.       Did they affect people positively…or maybe negatively?

d.      In their situation, how do you think they performed? Should they have done some things differently?



**Remember, do not use these Roman numerals and outline letters in your final draft. They are here to help you organize your thoughts before you begin your “rough draft.” Study my Sample Biographical Essay in this section about Martin Luther King, Jr. to understand what your final draft should look like.




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